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Abiogenesis music licensing store
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About Abiogenesis: Abiogenesis is a fusion band from Nagaland, India . Not satisfied with just playing mainstream music and their hunger to take music to a higher level, the band went further into exploration & experimentation which as a result attained Nirvana in the form of a new world music which they have named 'Howey'. Howey is a fusion of Naga Folk tunes with other forms of music .They incorporate a part of the past and take it to the future through their music making giving an eclectic and genre-bending sound. They also play a new wind musical instrument made of bamboo invented by a band member Moa. Abiogenesis is the only band in the world that plays Howey & Bamhum. The band's action-packed shows and positive do-or-die attitude are already getting increasing notice around the world, they have performed in 500 plus gigs in four countries: India,Thailand , Bhutan and Myanmar. Abiogenesis is empanelled with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India. They had performed for Bhutan’s Royal Family on Indian Independence Day,2011 at Thimpu.


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