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Greg Grant music licensing store
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Greg Grant

About Greg Grant: Greg Grant started playing music when his mother made him take violin lessons when he was 8, that didn't last long, however, and Zoot from the Muppet Show inspired him to start playing the saxophone at the age of 9, and he's been playing ever since. Born in New York City, raised in New York State, he grew up near one of the most diverse melting pot cities on the planet. He studied Classical and Jazz at Oberlin College/Conservatory for a bit, but realized that he wanted to experience life and music outside the walls of an ivory tower. He admires and is inspired by many different styles of music from all over the world ranging from Jazz to Rock, Folk to Techno, Classical to Electronic, Ambient, Textural, Flamenco and Arabic. This love of diversity caused him to travel around quite a bit. He lived in Barcelona, Spain for almost four years but has been more or less nomadic, traveling around Europe, Canada, Central America, and the U.S.A. Now based in northwestern Montana, Greg built Strawbale Studio, a recording studio that functions on solar power and is completely off the grid. He continues to travel around, finding new influences and inspiration for his music.

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