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Bravo Delta

About Bravo Delta: Bravo Delta is 4 piece modern rock band from Los Angeles, whose music has been labeled "subjective and emotive yet irrepressibly accessible". Big hooks and radio-ready polish, with a “dark undercurrent of cut-throat exasperation” that can leave a listener singing, dancing, or thinking. What started out as an idea in the mind of singer/guitarist/songwriter Brandon Davis, has exploded into what one media writer calls “intellectual” and “musical genius”. Davis states, “I started brainstorming for what would eventually become Bravo Delta, in 2007. I would write songs and do acoustic shows here and there, but I always had a bigger picture in mind.” Here we are in 2012, and with the release of their debut album Sunset Wasteland, you immediately realize that this band is destined for great things. You can speak on the blazing solos put forth by guitarist Andy Ingraham, the pounding drums courtesy of Scott Decker, or the low end bass lines Ryan Flores will make you feel in your chest…But at the end of the day, it’s the combination of them all that creates this cornucopia of hard hitting modern rock & roll.

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