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Dereck Rose

About Dereck Rose: Born in Jamaica and raised in England from an early age, Dereck’s first musical inspiration came from his fisherman-uncle who carved a flute from bamboo. Many years after his arrival in England when he left school at 16, he learned to play the guitar and many other instruments. He grew up in a Pentecostal church until the age of 20, where he was surrounded by many sacred songs, voices and melodies, both ancient and modern which led him into the understanding of the art of song writing and composition, So his second musical inspiration came from gospel music, until later on when he discovered a wealth of other genres. Dereck is an original and innovative musician/singer/ songwriter who can turn his thoughts and feelings into lyrical musical literature which sounds good to the ears. He’s often been told by people that the way he plays his guitar in such a percussive way reminds them of the legendary “Richie Havens. Dereck is a former London underground busker and a seasoned musician, who has travelled around the globe in an orgy of musical performances, has a way of mesmerising any crowd that he plays to, and is a musical genius.

Dereck is an experienced and charismatic performer, who have played in front of big festival audiences as well as small pubs and clubs. He writes his own material and is an innovative & skilful
On stage, he has the ability to “feel” and capture his audience
accompanied only by his guitar, harmonica and powerful well-meaning songs.

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