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About NewBreedMC: Its not very often that a rapper can come along and blend raw underground rap skills with commercial appeal that transcends cultural and social barriers, but NewBreedMC is definitely one of those MC's. Cut in the mold of a Mos Def or Black Thought and holding true to the core essence of Hip Hop that started out in the Bronx, NewBreedMC can spit a rhyme to have the back packer bopping their heads and at the same time he is well enough in tuned to social issues and political agendas that his words could start a small revolution.

Growing up in Brampton NewBreedMC spent most of his rap career rhyming in the basement of his high school friend Kevin "Brebbz" Williams of KLMtertainment. As time went by, life got real, as it so often does, this forced NewBreedMC to focus his attention on his education and family duties and essentially put the pen and paper down.

After taking a 3 year hiatus from music at a very crucial time, NewBreedMC decided 2010 would be the time to make a return to the hip hop scene and make the most of his God given ability to rap circles around the masses. Most recently NewBreedMC has joined forces with producer Decision of Alpha Production and DJ Surreal Sound to bring his debut mixtape "Silent Slang" into existence.

NewBreedMC is the epitome of a rapper's rapper and will have every ear that tunes in listening to every verse with the utmost attention!

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