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About Nishin Verdiano: Electronic music producer, born in Sandomierz and grew up in Annopol, Poland. Damian got his first keyboard at the age of 7 and he tried to play some of the tunes he heard on the radio. As his interest in music grew, he began spending most of his pocket money on CDs and he discovered that he particularly liked Techno.

Damian's parents then decided to leave Poland to live permanently in Belgium. This unsettled him, as it meant leaving everything he had ever known behind. But it was not long before Damian met up with Marek, another Polish musician living in Belgium with a passion for electronic music. They started producing music together, but Marek soon left the project and Damian continued on his own.

Damian tried numerous styles including Hardstyle. Later he gave away some Hip-Hop and R&B tracks he produced and later even made some money from them that he spent on some professional recording equipment.

Damian now plays Club and Trance styles, but he says "I don't assign my music to one genre, because I make my music for it to sound right and not to fit in." One thing he can say about his career; it has just begun.

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