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About K-CuttaTracks: I Kevin W. Garner Born in Chicago,IL started out with a ear
for music at the age of 9, rapping and freestyling with my
oldest brother Bossmajor. After rapping with my brother I
started to listen and talk more about the beat than rapping
on it. As i got older My family and I moved to Gary, IN and I
got more into the feel of music I then wanted to make
beats, and at that time my brothers Vizion from The Ark
and brother Bossmajor had a beatmaking program called
Fruityloops. So at the age of 13 they helped me to study
and use Fruityloops and eventually I learned how to use it
on my own. I did allot of practicing and put time into it, but
most of all I started to develop a love for it. A year went
past and my brother Rio introduced me to a rapper named
Cy-young and we clicked up, then later on I was
introduced to a artist Young-S and they suggested we
made actual songs from my Beats and I agreed. So years
later of making music, I still had no Producer..Rapper
name and I left off to Job Corps in Morganfield, KY, then
later on i took a summer break and met up with Young-S
and another artist named Reginelli from GRE, and he was
freestyling and called me K then cutta and said K-Cutta,
And I said reg say that again, he said it and then I decided
and said that's my Producer..Artist name, Later on in
2007 I added Tracks to K-Cutta, So now Producer..Rapper
Kevin W. Garner aka K-CuttaTracks.

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