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My Wooden Leg

About My Wooden Leg: Hailing from Romania, MY Wooden LEG blends Balkan rhythms and Gypsy melodies with the old world sounds of a traveling circus band, c.1920-1935.

From military marches to dark tangos, turbo-folk to polka punk, MY Wooden LEG inspires a strange, new dance.

Black-labeled for prying at the public and contra-banded for conspiring with clowns, MWL has been deported.

Do you not...
question the motives of those with the burden of power?
subjugate others to these questions?
raise suspicion?
You should.

2011: MWL released its first E.P. A Circus and landed the title track in both the Rock Band video game, and William Kaufman's action blockbuster, Sinners & Saints.

Nominated for "Best New Artist" by the Fort Worth Weekly.

2012: MWL released The Jealous Disco and was awarded a Dallas Observer Music Award for the best "None of the Above" category.

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