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Dem Bottom Boyz

About Dem Bottom Boyz: Anyone who's ever listened to (Dem Bottom Boyz) has witnessed their talent and potential. The group name "Dem Bottom Boyz" comes from the geographical location of their home city: MIAMI. This rap group consist of three outstanding lyricists: E Man, Jack D, and Legasee. Each artist brings their own flavor through their charismatic personalities, difference in their creative lyrics, and the versatility in their style.

From Producing their own beats to performing at clubs they've stood out from other average artists. This group was formed four years ago when these young men met each other. Jack D and E man we're already cousins and have known each other their whole lives. Legacy met them in high school and have been dominating the underground scene ever since. Dem Bottom Boyz is one unique group that shows dedication in everything they do.

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