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Miss Myi

About Miss Myi: If its one thing Miss Myi knows how to do its make music and dance! Starting out at 5 years old making dance routines in her mothers kitchen she quickly gained a major love for everything music related. She started formal dance training at the age of 12 , then quickly began to advance and progress in her passion and in four short years she began her professional career as a dancer for the Walt Disney Company. She spent 2 years traveling with the company, growing as a dancer while she attended University of Houston. In the following years,Miss Myi began to dance as a professional cheerleader for the Houston Aeros.Teaching herself to read sheet music and later learning to play 5 instruments it was always a dream of hers to combine her love of music and dance, and create the music that makes the whole world dance with her. Over the years shes worked with companies including Disney, Sony, and IMG.
Miss Myi takes pop princess to a whole new level, adding in some rock-star vibe, blending in some bass with a whole lot of dance. If Kesha met Britney Spears in a dark alley and started to fight but decided to make a song instead, this is what their music would sound like. Its hot, high energy, and unapologetically in your face catchy. Its the music you want as your soundtrack while you spend the night making great memories.

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