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Shine Nine

About Shine Nine: Shine Nine sprang up organically while MacDonald was working on his solo project. “While composing, I could hear Jost playing guitar and knew he’d be a perfect fit, so I looked him up,” he says. “My wife says he and I are musical soul mates.” This was the beginning of the musical journey and exploration of Shine Nine.
Shine Nine's sound is unique, and the maturity of the reunited Rock brothers' music shines through. Gone are the trippy day-glo videos and the circus-like craziness of their shows - it's the now the new sound of the two friends producing music that will make children laugh, women dance and men play air guitar.
Key tracks like “Color Me” and “Snake” show the two artists still retain the amazing musical connection they forged in Venus Pumping. The music they create is driven by deep emotion, intuitiveness and sincerity, “Often times we use the first take of a performance because it has that raw, honest emotion.

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