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DJ Landeros music licensing store
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DJ Landeros

About DJ Landeros: Well what can i say about me... um lets see... well im a teen ager who love music (obviously.. lol) I'm 18 yrs old. Im from Mexico City, Mexico aka "D.F." wich stands for Distrito Federal or Federal District in English... Music is my passion... I started by Playing the piano when i was 13. I never took any pianolessons. Later on i discovered that i could play the piano by ear. that was a good advantage because. i was able to memorized every note on the piano and how it exactly sounds... that has helped me out to do my beats, because i didnt need an actual piano i jus made them by memory and then transfered them to the piano... and from the piano to the comp and well add drums and all the good stuff... well thats all i can say about me.... FOR NOW


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