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Joe Kherson

About Joe Kherson: Joe Kherson had the incredibly fortunate opportunity to study jazz and classical piano starting at seven years of age. Throughout his teens, he also studied voice and sight-reading as a singer in the Miami BoyChoir, a performance and touring choir that occupied the music and rehearsal spaces at the University of Miami on weekends. But he was not a soloist in the group, just an ensemble player.

On entering college, he studied broadcasting and visual arts, first at the University of Miami on a Knight Ridder journalism scholarship, then at California State University in Los Angeles. In L.A. he discovered electronic keyboards, synthesizers and computer recording technology on his own, from its earliest availability for home users. He began writing music in his early twenties and performed briefly in clubs in Los Angeles. But being an innate introvert, performance was never his main area of focus.

Joe moved to New York City out of college and worked as a freelance multimedia designer, often integrating clips of his own music into the presentations he developed for clients. He continued to develop his arranging and recording skills in the city, working in studios on off-hours, sometimes sneaking into back doors of recording rooms to "borrow" time. With the advent of Virtual Studio Technology, Joe was able to go completely digital and create his own home studio where he records and mixes exclusively today.

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