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Producers Biird & Lahghost music licensing store
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Producers Biird & Lahghost

About Producers Biird & Lahghost: Behind every nod of the head and tapping of the foot in a song there are producers that formulated groups of sounds into a work of art - the sound people want to listen to and feel. Biird and Lahghost are two producers that incorporate sounds interesting and unique to hear.

The two, have been friends since middle school- where their nicknames were given. Their passion for the industry only escalated 3 yrs ago, when they decided to take producing to another level. Two different taste in music and sound; their ideas are combined to create lively music.

Contact Information
Email: BiirdxLahghost@gmail.com
Twitter: @BiirdxLahghost
Website: biirdxlahghost.bandcamp.com/

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