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About Reel/Rymez: Poet Laureate/ Hip Hop artist. ReelRymez has dedicated himself to passionate lyrics and finding his own sound in music. Personal connection with his listeners has been the ultimate goal. Strong foundation in poetry coupled with a powerful voice and intelligent delivery he stands alone in his music. Spending half of his life up north (Jackson, Michigan) and the other half down south (Memphis, TN) he has been able to take the point of view of so many and understand the dynamics of both realities. His music is not territorial its created to reach everyone. Its a fusion of positive stories with raw lyrics that depicts everything he has seen as an artist. His musical influences are far and beyond the likes of Hip Hop but his love will never leave. Over the past 2 years Reel/Rymez has released 4 mixtapes that have all been apart of his growing process as an artist. The latter 2 which contained only original music he hopes his dedication to growth will allow him longevity in this industry. If you enjoy opinionated and thought provoking lyrics mixed with the lifestyle that he has created you will love ReelRymez. Download the latest mixtapes Head Full of Dreams @ www.HeadFullofDreams.tk and Roads Less Traveled @ www.RoadsLessTraveled.tk

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