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Dead Space Age

About Dead Space Age: Dead Space Age was in the making long before founding member Michael Foderaro even realized. While being involved with several different bands as a composer/guitarist, Michael found himself writing more and more music outside the style of the bands of which he was a member. It was obvious that he and his writing had started moving in new directions. Eventually, he found himself with more than enough material to start a new project. Dead Space Age was born. In late 2009, Michael started working with long time friend/producer/engineer, Justin Goeman at Black Lake Studios. The two spent a number of months working on the fairly large amount of material that had been prepared for the sessions. Although they considered all of the songs to be worthy of finishing, they decided to focus on a particular collection of songs that would make a dynamic, yet cohesive album. They nurtured this collection, comprised of styles ranging from indie to electronic to post-rock, into what eventually became the band’s self-titled debut LP.

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