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Brian Watson

About Brian Watson: I was raised on rock and roll, DEVO, the Stooges, AC/DC, that sort of thing. When I was 25 I went to a record store and asked the guy for the most punk classical record he knew of. He gave me Stravinsky's "the Rite of Spring" and it changed my world.

I immersed myself in classical music, and later jazz. I studied on my own and when I could afford it, a private teacher. I have an unorthodox style because of my lack of formal education. My writing is less about knowing what to do and more about feeling the piece. Often enough I make mistakes, however they usually end up being the most interesting part of the piece.

When I was 30 I put together a group of 13 musicians to play my original compostions called the Watts Ensemble. The style of music was a hybrid of classical and jazz, or "Jazzical." We recorded a live album in 2009.

I've scored a few short films, spec commercials and the like. No full length films yet, but I'm confident I could do that with no problem. I've got plenty of tools and toys at my home studio to cover any genre of music. Additionally, if the budget allows I can hire live musicians if need be. My influences range from Philip Glass, to Charles Mingus, to Bernard Herrmann, to Carter Burwell, to Moondog. I value communication and efficiency more than anything in a collaborative effort.


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