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Black One

About Black One: It has always been difficult to describe the enigma known as Jaron Ikner. Driven by music at an early age, Jaron Ikner aka Black One has always been immersed in the creative outlet that music has had to offer him. Never one to “stay in his lane”, Black One is always constantly pushing himself as an artist taking himself to past the limits of his creative threshold in order to achieve some form of artistic enlightenment. With the release of his debut underground LP “Return of a Hero” in March of 2008, Black One solidify himself as one of the rising stars of the still developing Arizona Hip Hop scene.
Black one isn’t limited to just being a “rapper”, he also produces and promotes in a partnership with the collective known as Hometown Heroez, also known as H2. He is also involved in writing as he has done music reviews and commentary for sites such as Arizonabeats.com and Art of rhyme.com. However this is just the tip of the Iceberg, Black one is just now discovering his true potential as not only an artist, but as a media philanthropist, as he continues to expand his horizons and looks towards a brighter future.

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