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Prince Leak music licensing store
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Prince Leak

About Prince Leak: Around the age of 10, Prince Leak teamed up with some of his friends from school and started a team of battle rappers. Taking, every battle by storm with the most cunning punch lines and well constructed verses, Prince Leak climbed to the top of the game around his area and became D.Ricardo’s partner in the N.S.O.A, shortly after bringing in a few of his own ideas to the company. Now, second in command and next to take office in the company, Prince Leak is working on building his own team of young artists that are willing to do hard work to get to the top. Prince Leak is also working on developing his own company under N.S.O.A now that his name has become familiar within the game, keeping his hand in whatever events and projects that can keep him going. Being the youngest out of the bunch is sometimes the best because pointers get passed down so that Prince Leak can stay ahead of the game. “Dealing with small time artists that want to make a name for themselves by making diss tracks is only a small stepping stone toward your success”, D.Ricardo tells Prince Leak. “Let them spend their time worrying about your next move, while you spend your time making the next move to keep them all guessing”.

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