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About aliasCX: Very recently Christian has completed Hiphop to drum ’n’ bass remixes for the likes of Public Enemy, Tijana Bass and Arrested Development. Aside from heavy drum ‘n’ bass production for near on the past decade, Christian is exploring a change of tempo. The newly reconstructed CX is hittin’ hard in 2012 bringin’ the heat on the urban downtempo tip: hip hop, dubhop, breakbeat, and various cinematic fusions. Christian is also currently involved in various music productions with Public Enemy’s legendary Gary G-Wiz as well as Rapstation.com.

“Making music is one of those things that gets me up each and every morning (or keeps me up way too late at nights) and gives me energy to keep on going. Its what drives me. Some people watch television..i make beats! A person has gotta have something that drives them and propels them forward. Its an essential outlet that I need” says Christian.

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