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Project Dirty

About Project Dirty: PROJECT DIRTY BIO
The origin of "Project Dirty" can be traced back to 2002 when the two founding members Rhett Fisher (vocals/keys) and Micah Faulkner (guitar) met by coincidence through friends. They formed the band "Manic Mind", ended up getting a record deal and recording an album 3 years later. Playing all the L.A. nightclubs, and doing some shows in Miami, including opening for N'sync, they quickly gained a following, but soon realized that the label was falling apart. As the label dissolved, the guys were left wondering where to go next.
After a 4 year hiatus, they decided to start producing and writing a new record by themselves without the help of a label. It was a rewarding experience that they will never forget. With the growth that came from creating an entire album themselves, they honed their sound and created the EP called "Act 1." "Act 1" is a unique blend of pop, dance and party rock that has a top 40 sound written all over it. Then they brought a DJ onboard to create an exciting live show.
"Project Dirty" is currently looking for a team that together, can put "Project Dirty" on the map and get their music heard by the masses.

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