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Slop (dB Math records) music licensing store
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Slop (dB Math records)

About Slop (dB Math records): Sergio Lopes (SLOP) from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He is committed to the production of electronic music and was particularly influenced by the German school, also attended the first class in electronic music at the prestigious Institute of Audio and Video in Sao Paulo (IAV.)

Since then, he visited the IAV and has made great progress with his production and exploration of digital sound. With precise and delicate taste, and a great knowledge of old school influences, he consistantly grasps at deeper roots of techno with every production. With vibrant sounds of low frequencies in his own tracks and remixes, he has created a unique danceable sound easy to recognize as his own. He also created the soundtrack for the video art of contemporary Brazilian artists such as Felipe Yung, Herbert Baglione, Thais Beltrame and Sesper.
With outstanding titles from his unique talent, Sergio performs live as SLOP, and DJs as MKT KRASH and JOE 90th.

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