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Nicolas Arnaud music licensing store
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Nicolas Arnaud

About Nicolas Arnaud: Young French composer and multi-instrumentalist focusing mainly on music for film, TV shows, advertisements, video games and other audiovisual media. After receiving classical piano and guitar training in France he has moved to London, where he graduated from music technology in 2011. His unique, contemporary cinematic approach has allowed him to cooperate on a variety of film projects; using his versatile skills to embrace different styles and genres.

His music style is characterised by emotional intensity, yet it has a distinctive dreamy quality. Expressive percussions, unusual sounds and unexpected rhythmical changes are all parts of his trade mark. Technically brilliant, Nicolas often uses classical piano and strings, as well as progressive rock guitar and electronic sounds. The mood of his compositions varies from existential sadness, suspense and horror in drama to sheer playful happiness of children’s music.

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