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Fader Lima

About Fader Lima: “Do you know what frequency you exist on?”

That is the very question that Fader Lima seeks for her fans to ask themselves when they listen to her music. Being a blend of House, Pop, Rock, and Contemporary, she credits her music to her diverse background as the reason for a cool eclectic style, along with the vocals of soft melody and flow. She refers to it as “Intuitive Pop Fairytale Music”, using metaphors and analogies to give you a chance to come up with your own point of view.

Being named in VIBE as one of the "Top 5 Indie Artists to Have on Your Ipod", she is really making a mark on the scene. Her two hit singles “Emergency” and her crossover hit J’Attends off the album IN LOVE WITH MUSIC produced by Gaetan Policard shows her innate understanding of how to relate her music to people of all places.

Fader Lima’s recent performances in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Rome, Italy and World Refugee Day have shown her to be quite versatile.

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