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About Arafax: Arafax is a modern rock band, hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Arafax started out years ago as just an idea, then a dream, then a reality. They have been working hard on the music, with the goal to release an album by the end of the year. So far all the songs are instrumentals, with the vocals to soon follow. Lukus Cseh, the creative force behind the music, always wanted the main focus to be on the music. While vocals are important, songs too often take shortcuts in musicianship, depth and intricacy. Musically, the goal of Arafax is to not sacrifice art for a catchy melody, when with some effort, both can be had. In the grand scheme of things, the primary goal of Arafax is to help change lives and influence those who listen to the music, in a positive way. Oh, and rock faces off too. Band members include: Lukus Cseh (guitars, vocals, all recorded music), Simon Peacock (bass), and Stan Koshowski (drums).

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