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Tom Rossi

About Tom Rossi: Tom Rossi is a composer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose musical style is indeed a global mosaic, a border-dissolving symphony of tones and beats and harmonies from Africa and Asia and the Middle East, South America and the Caribbean and Brooklyn, USA.
After returning from expeditions to West Africa, Brazil, Cuba and Turkey, Rossi released his world music debut record, Salma Har, in 2005. The record was featured with an interview on BBC/PRI's "The World" with acclaimed Lisa Mullins, NPR's "Echoes" with John Diliberto, as well as tracks played on Continental Airlines in-flight world music channel and NPR's "Talk of the Nation".
Drawing from his talents as a musician and his love for humanity, Tom Rossi gives peace and serenity to those facing the most difficult time in their lives… their death.

For 11 years, Tom has been bringing his unique style of soothing, medicinal music to terminally ill patients and their families in hospice care all over Brooklyn.

"I sing softly and play either the kora, kalimba or guitar. The music is not performance, but creating an atmosphere for the patient and family to relax, savor the passing moments or to bring new energy into what can easily become a dark place."

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