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The Cosmos music licensing store
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The Cosmos

About The Cosmos: The Cosmos is the work of ambient composer Marty Glassley, who started making electronic music in 2007. The Cosmos draws strong influence from jazz and orchestral/classical music, other space/soundscape artists, psychedelic experiences as well as the landscape of Northern California. The Cosmos' music is deeply personal sounds that combines dark and warm tones well to explore the entire spectrum of human emotion. It is at times very dark, atmospheric and gloomy but also with a sense of calmness, hope, freedom and flight. Close two of your three eyes and enjoy! .. .. "cos⋅mos  /ˈkɒzməs, -moʊs/ [koz-muhs, -mohs] - a complete, orderly, harmonious system." A proud artist of the Asnazzy Productions label.


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