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About GrizzlyOnDaBeat: The future is so bright for Grizzly On Da Beat that he needs two pairs of sunglasses just to see it! The right mind-set and skill level makes Grizzly On Da Beat who he is today. It takes inspiration and time to perfect his craft. Grizzly on Da Beat knows how good his beats are when he witnesses the natural reaction from his listeners. On a typical day, within 20 minutes to an hour, Grizzly On Da Beat can create your hit!Seeing others enjoy his music fuels his passion and love for music. He has so much love and appreciation for the local artists in his hometown, Orangeburg, South Carolina. Grizzly On Da Beat stated, “They are real and they tell the story about what they know through music.” In addition to the artists on the label Envy Me Entertainment, he has also worked with Kupid with UTM (United Thru Music) Entertainment and Snook Da Rokk Star. Today the most popular songs that feature his production are Baby Mama (by WildChild Da Sun), Oh my God (by Kupid), and Free (also by Kupid).

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