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Alex Raymond

About Alex Raymond: Alex received his first guitar in 1999 and gave up his dream of being a computer software tech because he thought Y2K was going to make computers irrelevant. As a teenager, he paid his dues while learning the language of the blues on the front lines. Playing many lengthy, sweaty, and smokey gigs almost exclusively with musicians more than twice his age, Alex began garnering a name for himself amongst Denvers' top blues players. As a young adult, the guitarist made a decision to study music and the instrument more formally and chose to enroll at The University of Colorado where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Music. Through the guidance of some of Denvers finest musicians, Alex was able to hone his craft and arrive at a more sophisticated and modern approach to creating music on the guitar. Combining the harmonic richness of Jazz, the primitive emotion of the Blues, and the spacey sounds of Psychedelia, the guitarist crafts a haunting sound that can be as delicate as the gentle clouds above or as harsh and gritty as a roll of rusty barbed wire. Although his playing is rooted in the blues, many other styles of music have been important;Bebop, Abstract, Son Montuno, Grunge, Western Swing, Metal, Traditional Orchestral, Acid Jazz, Bossa Nova, Punk, and Soul/R&B. Without a doubt, the exposure and soon to follow immersion in American Music was of upmost importance to the growth and development of the lens of which he views music.

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