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Attitude the Dude

About Attitude the Dude: Born & raised to Kenyan parents in Atlanta, GA. Needless to say, Attitude the Dude has seen many different walks of life. This bleeds out into his style of music which reaches the old and young, commercial and conscious, male and female, and many different cultures in between. "I talk of things that I know the average person anywhere can relate to."

Attitude the Dude found himself leaving American soil, and trading it for the African sun for a period of 6 years when he was a teen. "Growing up in Atlanta, and having entrepreneur parents, I had alot of time to myself and friends, I didn't always use it positively, and found myself being seeked by authorities. So instead of going to jail, I bounced. Let them come get me in Africa. A 2 month vacation became a lifestyle overhaul. I stayed in Africa for 1 1/2 years before I came back to Atl again."

Having been touched by the immense passion and talent he witnessed while living in Nairobi, Kenya, Attitude returned to America to get a foot in the door in the rap arena. Attitude the Dude has collected over 100,000 Youtube hits, proving his ability to capture both eye and ear with witty lyrics and precision delivery. World, look out for the Dude...

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