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John Willemse

About John Willemse: After graduating with his BA in Music
Business from SUNY Oneonta, John Willemse
released his debut EP entitled Wages of War, in
2010. The EP showcased dynamic and complex
compositions with violins, saxophones, and
piano arrangements. At moments you can hear
the Dave Matthews inuence with the instrumentation,
while his vocal timbre can be likened
to legend Eddie Vedder. John Willemse, who self
funded and hired out all local and talented
musicians on his debut EP, writes powerful and
provocative lyrics that reveal the singer
-songwriter’s not just writing for the radio, but
for the listener.
This year John Willemse released a single
entitled Better Days, a stripped down, bare
bones song which shows his intimate folky side,
yet still retains the raw emotion found in Wages
of War. It is as though Neil Young and Eddie
Vedder collaborated to form an acoustic Merkin
Ball. The song has gone international, and has
placed in songwriting competitions. John’s
musical path will certainly stretch a Long Road.

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