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Cody DeCamry

About Cody DeCamry: Born in ‘89 in the Westside, Chicago’s own Cody DeCamry found music as a child and never let it go. Growing up in a household that wasn’t big on music, Cody had to search for influences and in turn developed his own style. He began with more classical training, playing the sax, then the alto, then the tenor and then grew into playing jazz. But it wasn’t until high school that he found his true home – hip hop.

Cody began making beats in 2005 in high school and amazingly didn’t step behind the mic until four years later when he featured on a track for a friend who thought he had potential. It was then he truly found his passion and he hasn’t stopped creating since.

In 2010, he released “3 Dollar Mic Music” and then followed it with “Blazéd” in July 2012. Blazéd was a departure from his previous work as it focused on contemporary life while keeping an old school vibe. Using the momentum from this highly regarded album, Cody is now working on a mixtape and yet another full-length album titled “Devices” which is coming out this summer.

Continuously looking to hone his craft and create even better music, Cody is looking to produce work that captivates, inspires and connects with his audience. He’s done it so far and we all look forward to hearing what he does next.


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