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About mattdawg: Matt Dawg is a quickly rising star in the hip hop community...His younger years were spent on the streets of San Diego where he was influenced by the hip hop of the 90's. Matt Dawg said the best thing about his childhood is that he survived it. Even when you think you have your life all mapped out...Shit happens... that will shape your Destiny in ways you never dreamed. He says you cant afford to spend a single second today regretting your past or fearing your future...NOW! is the time to shine. Shortly after moving to central California he began to make beats on simple beat making programs. A few years later he helped to produce " Big Silencers" first album entitled "Independent Gold" which quickly started a buzz when it hit the streets of L.A. With tremendous support from his family, friends, and fans he has become a Top Musician creating hip hop beats to uplift, create and educate

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