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About Ephect: He is Ambitious, Inspirational, Seductive, Delirious, Determined & Mysterious...its Ephect!

Ephect delivers a unique and creative sound. His flow may be perceived slightly simple but his words can have a strong and powerful impact. His lyrics speak from experience, emotion and realism. His body of work displays a spirit of ambition, a vision of success, a voice of determination, an attitude of persistence, thoughts of reality and an imagination that can run wild.
Ephect could be portrayed as a man of business and entertainment carrying an inspirational mindset and some mysterious sex appeal along with a delirious and a dark hysterical persona that produces an appealing element of surprise.
Driven by various interests and success, Ephect symbolizes “The kid with Big dreams”. His ideas and visions create motivating opportunities for future possibilities and endeavors with plans to “Ephect the World”.
Majority of his music is recommended more for mature crowds due to some explicit lyrics and content. However, a large portion of his catalog includes substances for the party atmosphere with a lot of potential for clubs, events, radio, television, film and commercial markets.

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