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Buzz Deluxe

About Buzz Deluxe: “Buzz Deluxe is too cool. It’s the way American music is done right...from the heart, not just the hands.” -Colonel J.D. Wilkes (Th’Legendary Shack Shakers)

“Why haven’t I heard of you guys?! You guys bring it hard and Kerry is hands-down the top female drummer out there.” -Tre Cool (Green Day)

“Totally swinging, you guys got it all.” -Earl Hudson (Bad Brains)

To date Buzz Deluxe have accomplished a slew of amazing feats for an unsigned band, from captivating crowds with their strange but hip-shaking live show, where more than once the audience testimonial of swearing they heard more than one guitar was spoken, to being featured on multiple network television appearances and headlining high-profile stages and festivals all over the world.

After all the twists and turns throughout the years they are now piecing together the sum of their experiences and just making good music.

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