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Dim Scripts

About Dim Scripts: Dim Scripts is a brother and sister duo mashing the acoustic instrumentation of the guitar and piano with fresh, electronic noise, rhythms and beats laid down on turntables. The result is a loss of any predetermined genre or style. The songs choose their sound and come out the way they want to. The debut album "4F 3R - M4 H" is proof that the genre-walls that we box ourselves in can be torn down and the rules need not apply. We're governed by laws in every way, why let that apply to our art? In looking at science and math, we only learn more about art and the creative conscience. In trying to find tangible, formulaic methods behind art, design and music, as done by DaVinci, Le Corbusier, Vitruvious and so on, our studies generally come up inconclusive. There are mathematical and scientific correlations and laws within everything. The one thing that keeps life a mystery is the fact that we are all different. We see these differences in our daily lives, routines, methods, and above all, creativity. Art is the one subjective thing we have, whatever that art may be. That is ours. Our personal method of expression, emotion and individualism. We will always have this individualism and art after structure, after science and after math.

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