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Jacie McConnell music licensing store
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Jacie McConnell

About Jacie McConnell: Jacie Mcconnell started playing violin at age of ten. Realizing very quickly that she had a knack for the instrument, she played in many Orchestras, Symphonies and musicals throughout Colorado for over thirty years.
It was not until later in her life she realized she had the ability to play by ear as well as read notation.
This started a new journey. Jacie started playing in bands. She has played in Country, Celtic, Folk, Hip-hop and Rock bands. Before starting her own mostly original Celtic band called "An Shee Eilee"
Jacie has been requested by some very well known bands and artist in the Colorado area. Angie Stevens, Green Lemon touring band from Ft. Collins as well as Ben Long's first album... just to name a few.
Jacie's debut album came out in 2008 "Mystical Moments" A Sign Of Things To Come, for her love of the Celtic style of music. April 2011 “Jacie McConnell’s A Tribute To A Friend” was released. All of this album’s beats were created by Hip-Hop producer G1. The album was dedicated to G1 as a surprise to support her in her fight against breast cancer and for her tremendous help on “Mystical Moments”. A portion of proceeds from “Tribute” will go to Relay For Life.

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