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About T3X: All round artist/producer, have done a lot in music.
Started out on the age of 8 with his first accordion and later also sax.
On the age of 15 there becomes more interest in synthesizer music but also Pink-Floyd.
Then the time comes to own his first small Yamaha keyboard, after a year he switched to a larger version and after again two years he became his first Roland E15.
Played a lot of songs get more tools like a AlphaJuno synth but it was not complete, to create your own music in that time you needed a large 16track recorder or a workstation.
Then the love came to get a Korg 01W-fd, he still after 16 years own that same workstation.

Nowadays T3X makes still various music style’s, trance, dance, lounge, reggae, rock and so on.

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