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Juan Maria Solare

About Juan Maria Solare: Solare unifies in his person -and his esthetic- diverse tensions: contemporary music and tango argentino, South and North, composition and performance... The stylistic elements of his musical Oeuvre include a tendency to aphoristic, a quote of unbribable melancholy, a dose of irony and humor (related to the surrealistic absurd), and an aspiration towards sublimity. Solare considers that art music and light music are not irreconcilable extremes, but poles in a force field, and moves himself comfortably between both points with a very personal "musical bilingualism". It doesn't have to do in his case with an arbitrary eclecticism, but with a balanced equilibration among music styles that use to be separated in an almost religious way. In Solare's Work, these differences can -may- coexist without contradictions.

Juan María Solare was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1966 and has lived in Germany since 1993 as a composer and pianist. After his diplomas in piano, composition and conducting at the Conservatorio Nacional in Buenos Aires, he undertook postgraduate studies with Fritsch, Barlow, Humpert and Kagel (in Cologne) and Lachenmann (in Stuttgart).

Twelve CDs by different performers include at least one piece by Solare. His music has been performed in five continents (Antarctica still missing).

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