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About LeMonJello: I have been playing music since I was eleven. I started recording my own songs almost immediately. It wasn't till the digital era when a friend of mine and I partnered up and bought a couple ADATs and opened a small studio that I really began laying down ideas. Then, once the computer recoding came along, forget it, you couldn't keep me away. I have amassed quite a collection of music throughout the years. Some of it has turned into songs that I play live, but most of it sits on my hard drive. Every once in a while I hear it, and there are some great tracks. All instrumental that I think would be perfect to be used in film, tv, games, etc. The way I write is I get the song done from beginning to end in one session. I play all the instruments and most of it is either loops or programmed drums. Each song is usually good for 5 or 6 parts. Keep in mind, I have a studio and can easily change things around or re-record or whatever needs to be done. I have tracks that pull from my many musical influences and being that I have my own studio, you can almost tell what mood I was in when you listen to the tracks.


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