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David Christopher Williams (Orpheus) music licensing store
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David Christopher Williams (Orpheus)

About David Christopher Williams (Orpheus): David Christopher Williams studied piano and Russian ballerinas' long legs at Royal Academy of Music, London and Kings College, London. This included travelling back and fore on the 'Sardine-Express' to Baker Street with mannequin-like creatures pretending to read.

He then found himself living in Montmartre, Paris with an English Saxophonist who liked to drop beer cans in the early morning to wake up loudly-snoring Spaniards, who was waiting for a family inheritance, and was in the meantime arguing with French Plods. His favourite place to draw and write in Paris is le Jardin du Luxembourg. His favourite bar is owned by a lovely, odd lady behind Shakespeare and Company.

He is now living in the Old Town in Edinburgh, United Kingdom with an octogenarian piano, a Danish lynx and a hat which does not seem to fit anybody who tries to accept the donation.

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