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Curtis Darby music licensing store
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Curtis Darby

About Curtis Darby: MUSIC BIOGRAPHY
Curtis Darby is a professional singer, songwriter and musician, but he is also a gifted poet, painter and writer. The last 15 years, he has been an American living and working in Europe. Emerged in the culture and languages of Europe, he became a more enriched person. He believes that being introduced to different styles of music and culture has effected his growth as a musician and an individual. This also led to him finding the connection between all his talents, which resulted in three musicals that he wrote and produced himself. In Europe he prepared for his return to America to acquire a larger audience. And also to translate his life experiences into music, sound and pictures. His reality has become a fantasy that most people dream of: to live, work and play in the world of music'm presenting myself for booking agencies looking for real music, artists that are looking for a new song or lyrics and for anybody out there that wants to hear real music with a message.
God bless.
**************MY WEBSITES www.curtisdarby.com

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