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Dreams from Gin

About Dreams from Gin: Born in a gas station turned studio and taking over Western NY, Dreams From Gin embodies everything it means to be in a Alternative Rock band. They have performed with numerous award winning acts such as Grammy nominated Chris Trapper and chart topping Local H. Their music has been featured in PC and Play Station 3 hit game "Beat Hazard Ultra."

Known for their characteristic flame throwing bass, cynical baritone vocals, effects soaked guitar and spastic steady drums, their debut album “Station Songs” was released independently in 2010. “Station Songs” have been uniformly lauded by critics.

Their sophomore album, "Distilled" was released January 2011. Recorded and produced by the infamous Jesse Sprinkle (Bluebrick Recordings), "Distilled" is a hard hitting full length that ranges from the thoughtful and lyrical "Stoic" to the energetic and clever "Typewriter."

While striving to create excellent, uniquely original music, Dreams From Gin loves to have fun and never takes themselves too seriously- a refreshing element in both their live shows and evident throughout their recordings.

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