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About Eqelify: Hi There,
Glad that you are here in my music site. Thank you for your time and really have a listen to any of my songs.

I'm from Indonesia. I'm a singer/songwriter & guitar player. I compose my own music and original song but sometimes i do cover on several song that really caught my attention. Long and short story, i've been in musical scene for local and regional for almost 15 years! i didn't realize that really. it's been quite sometimes for me. I do a lot of gig in the past, it is good having travel from place to to place like Singapore & It's been quite band experience and journey for me. And, since i do lot of session playing with some band in the past, that's makes me really had a wide abroad perspective of genre since mostly i played rock music but having another experience playing in differents style than my inner music interest, it is quite challenging actually but that's the beauty of music, i think.

So, hopefully you are all enjoy my original music and song that i wrote & produce. They're still in demo quality so, i hope you all can bear with the quality. If you have anything to say or comments or critics or anything you want me to know, then just drop me messages or if you have any jobs or collaboration opportunity that i might suits your needs, then drop those to my mail box!

Thank You For Visiting And Listening And Comments!
You can check My Fb Music Page or any other my music site and blog also!

Best Wishes,



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