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About JagudEye: Kandayia Ali aka JagudEye has produced more than 100 songs and has celebrated her 5th album release- all between the time spanning from February 15th through May 13th 2013. She is the only Southern female producer to establish such a dynamic feat in representation of the South. Her music is definitely an 'acquired taste' for 'the different kind of listener'. The creator of a new music genre- Cosmic Fusion- which mixes several genres together in a 'futuristic' way; this one-of-a-kind individual has went above and beyond to make her music known to the world. One thing is for certain... Kandayia Ali and her music can be coined as music which can reach every age range and lifestyle. Despite the sudden popularity and rise to the top of the list underground, independent artists- you would think that she would call her craft something Supernatural- Instead... What does she call it? Very modestly, she says: 'Just GOOD Music'! Listen to her new album- 'JagudEye's Love Letters To Sound' and take a look inside the heart and mind of a true visionary.

-KobieMark Ent.

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