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Danny Ray Hubbard

About Danny Ray Hubbard: From every aspect of music, Gospel Jazz "portrays the precise passion of perfectly inspired innovation and unity." Indeed, Gospel Jazz is perhaps the purest form of true music which emanates from the depth and improvisation of its own composers, writers, producers and performers. One such artist is Danny Ray Hubbard, a native Californian who now resides in Seattle.

Hubbard performs solo and with his instrumental and vocal ensemble, " The 148th Street Gospel Jazz Players, " blending the musical styles of Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Classical. His mission is simply "to create music that will minister love, healing, joy, deliverance and peace to people situated throughout the wilderness of the world." Undeniably, his pursuit of his admirable vision achieves fruition status on his latest release, Body Combo.

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