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About JongWon: After 4 years of classical piano training up to 8th grade in

Salem, Oregon, I picked up the guitar to learn rock.

Influences started from Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith,

Ryan Adams, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Ben Harper, Coldplay,

Snow Patrol, and many others in the indie rock, grunge, and

pop genre from the 90s. I even went through some phases of

hip-hop and heavy metal. Joined and formed various bands

from middle school to high school, performing in school

assemblies to talent shows. After high school, moved to

Portland, OR for college and continued practicing and

writing songs primarily with my acoustic guitar and going to

open mics in the city. I even formed a student organization

at my university called 'Open Mic Rendezvous' so we could

get all sorts of artists come out of the wood works and play

for our colleagues passing by during lunchtime. Funded by

our school and provided community instruments for the

passerby. After getting a bachelors degree, everyone went

their ways into the real world. I moved to Santa Barbara

then to Los Angeles, jammed with people here and there, and

just kept writing music on my own time. After 5 years of

Los Angeles and now residing in Arizona, i've finally put

the missing puzzle pieces together to complete this album.

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