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Mike Pinto

About Mike Pinto: Mike Pinto melds his exceptional songwriting with a unique take on Roots, Vintage Rock, Reggae, Ska and Classic Surf, but it’s his distinct voice and seamless storytelling that have brought him success in the U.S. and overseas.

With his debut LP (Little District, 2005), Pinto set out on the Philadelphia music scene as a solo artist. By 2006, underground success and a fervent, exploding fan base empowered him to expand westward with two nationwide solo acoustic tours. After the second tour Pinto relocated to San Diego, where he immersed himself in the thriving Southern California music scene and quickly gained notoriety. Mike Pinto transitioned from a kid from Philly playing coffee houses and tiny bars to a prominent SoCal fixture.

Philadelphia is a tough city which churns out tough-minded, skeptical people; this influence is clear in Pinto’s lyrics. Pinto doesn’t just write about the bliss of new love or tired clichés found littered throughout the songs of many of his musical peers. His lyrics can spin dark tales populated with characters who have sold their souls (“Tricky Nicky”), or been left flailing and stripped by the terrible toll exacted by addiction (“Bad Luck”). Though he writes and performs mainly reggae and ska, the words “Babylon” and “Rastafari” are not thoughtlessly invoked, nor does Mike employ an adopted Jamaican accent or sing in patois. Mike Pinto writes music that is true to his experience, never making room on his tracks for pretense or posturing.

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