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Ben Mallare

About Ben Mallare: Soaring vocals, deep melodies, and a lot of heart.

Singer-songwriter Ben Mallare found his voice from those before him with similar qualities. Pop artists with big voices like Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars, to name a few, inspired Mallare's unique style - pop, R&B, a little soul and a LOT of voice. Born and raised in Annapolis MD, Ben started singing at a young age and began developing himself as an artist in the early 2010's.

Mallare, 22, is a regular performer at a number of venues in the Boston area, where he sings with his band The Faux Farewell and acoustic duo Not Together (with Emma Kurman-Faber). He has also released three studio albums which are all available on iTunes, Spotify and benmallare.com.

His most recent effort, Heart Beats Harder, is a (mostly) self-written LP chronicling Mallare's experiences in Boston, MA and Nashville, TN. Recorded at Northeastern University, Mallare worked with a hodgepodge of producers to put together the 14-track set. The lead single, "Say So," was released on March 12, with the album following on April 9, 2013.


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