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TB truely Blessed music licensing store
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TB truely Blessed

About TB truely Blessed: Check out the reverbsite for exlcuive's and alot more: http://www.reverbnation.com/tbtruelyblessed An artist with a vision, is pretty much the best way to describe TB "trully blessed". At the age of 15, his life was heavy in the streets landing him time in the system. After the in and outs of crime life. TB evolved from state prison, in Nevada, a changed man with a plan. Positive Hip Hop. "Unique in sound, and lyrically a genius"-say's fan's and spectator's. TB produces a sound of hope for the new generation. With a background of thug mentality, and school of the hard knocks lifestyle. TB challenges the modern day hip hop with a sound that has people amazed.No profanity (minimal to never), beautiful vocals(I try), awesome stage presence(its in me), and uplifting words(got give the people hope) He ranges in style, from coscience hip hop, to hard hitting raw edge rap. Locally respected and promoted from local radio stations and small organizations. TB is in the industry to rewind time, but still keep it date. Music with a purpose, which is what the game needs today. Different to the tenth degree

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